Book: Code Simplicity

I just read the book “Code Simplicity: The Fundamentals of Software“.

The author tries to build up a sciente of software development. There are about 90 pages that discuss important details of this engineering without touching a single line of code.

Among the issues cited by the author, the one that impressed me most was the formula for the cost of a change in software.

This formula, when applied to time, makes it clear that the future value plus the cost of maintenance of a change will have a much higher weight than the immediate cost and value. As time goes by, the effort put into maintaining a feature far outweighs the initial effort to code it. I’ll not go into too much detail, if you are curious: go read the book.

It was a very enjoyable read. I’m sad that I got into this book by chance, no one pointed it to me. I feel that I could have avoided a good amount of frustration that I had as a developer. The author’s ideas seems to fit with all the insights I had developing and maintaining code.

I leave here my statement for all who work in the software field: you need to read this book! Regardless of writing code or not, you will have a much better basis for making decisions that affect your product.

If you’ve read, leave your comments about what you think.


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