This was posted on my portuguese blog back on 2009. Check it out.

– What is reality?
– Everything around you.
– Is it absolute?
– It depends on your senses.
– What do I sense as real?
– Images, sounds, emotions, feelings and any other experience you may have.
– If I lack a sense, do I lose reality?
– Your reality changes.
– Can I lose the notion of reality?
– The reality of others, yes.
– And of mine?
– No.
– Why not?
– Isn’t it obvious? Whatever you experience will be your reality.

– What if I don’t like reality?
– You may flee.
– I don’t want to.
– Because running away can be more painful.
– So I’m stuck to reality?
– You still can flee.
– I’m not a coward!
– In the reality of who?

– How can I run from everything that surrounds me?
– Only you sense what surrounds you.
– I can’t stop sensing!
– And is it a bad thing?
– This makes me suffer.
– Who generates the pain?
– I don’t know…
– Is there anyone else that controls your reality?

– So, happiness only depends on me?
– Yeah.
– But without the notion of reality they will call me crazy!
– That’s the reality of others.
– I suffer with it.
– Again generating suffering?

– So a crazy man can be happy?
– Isn’t him happier than you?

– Why do I feel like this?
– Because you interpret your current state as bad.
– Why?
– Because they told you so.
– Told what?
– That being below others is a bad thing.

– What?
– You interpret as unhappiness the fact that you have less than the others.
– I’m not selfish!
– Really?
– Yes!!!
– And why did you feel sad when you knew that your friends were dating?
– Because… I wanted a date to.
– Bingo.
– But…
– Would you be happy if you had a date before them?
– I don’t know…
– If you were the first to buy a car…
– Stop…
– Or the first one to open up a business…
– Stop!
– Ok.

– I don’t know what to do…
– Oh, gosh. Didn’t you get what I said?
– I’m afraid.
– Of what?
– Of others.


Isn’t it nice to remember good stuff about yourself? I make some casual games in the hope that they can bring you some good memories. You can know more about my work at Thanks for reading!



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