Word Hunter

Word Hunter

I’m pleased to announce that Word Hunter has been released to iOS, Android and Windows Phone. 🙂

It’s written 100% in web technologies and packaged via Apache Cordova.

Go take a look, I hope you have some fun with it:

The game is made by @danielsalvagni, Gabriel Biz and me (@evohunz).

Tip of the day. We did it while reading Getting Real and Rework. Incredibly how these books affected how we dealt with the development of this project. Changed my mind for sure.

By the way, my personal highscore is 935 points.


Hello! I am proud to present my new game at Play Store.

It’s a game for everyone: Turtlerise.

The game has a simple mechanic: you need to make the turtle go up, the higher it goes, the higher you score. To make it go up, you place rocks so it can bounce. Other elements are in the game to make it more interesting.

Fast and challenging gameplay, scoring is not so easy as it seems!

Facebook integration is built in, so you can play with your friends and compete to see who can go higher.